Amazon Fashion

As part of a small team partnering with Amazon I lead an effort to shift the perception of their “bargain-basement” clothing shopping experience. Our goal was to transform the face of the experience and create a more elevated and curated experience for customers across the globe.


Design Direction
Visual Design
IA & UX Strategy

Elevating the perception

Due to the size of the client, the inventory and the audience, the challenge was not so much a simple re-skin but a strategic re-build of their ‘we have everything’  ecosystem. The goal was to streamline a more elegant experience for users within the Amazon ecosystem—offering a more curated experience amongst the heaps of available items. We began by architecting a simplified landing page system that would allow users to easily navigate and drill into a more 'department' focused catalogue.

Elegance and functionality

Amazon as a company, is already a fairly well tuned UX and testing machine. If there is one thing they does well, it is to allow users to quickly find and purchase products. What the experience was lacking most, was a visual system that would bring a sense of care and consideration to the destination. In parallel with the new art direction, we created a kit of parts, extrapolating on the existing ecosystems components to elevate the look and feel of Amazon Fashion, allowing users to feel more confident in the catalogue of items while shopping and browsing.

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