Airbnb Brand Portal

Partnering with the marketing team at Airbnb, I helped lead design in creating a suite of innovative tools built to connect global teams. These connections revolved around resourcing, asset management, inspiration and project updates. Each tool was design to provide relevant information for everyone from C-suite to designers to project managers.


Product Design
UX Design
Visual Design

One place for everything Marketing

Every app was designed to provide specific solutions for a multitude of players within the Marketing teams. Some users would utilize one tool more than another. However, our tasks was not only to provide solutions for specific members of the team—but to create a single destination where each tool could be accessed at any time by every user. These tools were part of a wholistic ecosystem called The Brand Portal–Airbnb’s marketing resource.

A Marketing Portfolio

Redesigning the portfolio for the Airbnb Marketing team was a process not unlike designing your own. The goal was to attract new talent, provide relevant & quick information to the press, and of course–showcase the talented work produced by the Airbnb marketing team.

An Editorial Kit of Parts

We created a full kit of parts to make building out case studies an easy and intuitive process. The kit of part was designed to account for content and structures that were in place as well as enrich the future vision of the case studies through new content types and articulate story telling.

In addition to the kit-of-parts we built out 'Story Guides' to assist the marketing team in telling the appropriate stories for the case stuides. The guides were designed to construct case studies using a variety of modules that would allow each story to stand on its own and have a unique design, composition and complimentary color story.

The Internal Pulse of Marketing

Airbnb’s global marketing department is vast. So vast and so rapid, infact, that many of the internal teams struggle to keep up with complimenting team projects. During our partnership, we designed and prototyped a dashboard, showcasing the variety of work currently in process around the globe. This dashboard was designed for on the go check ins for everyone from the CMO down to new hires. We focused on a mobile first, easily accessible home for information and inspiration related to all Airbnb’s marketing projects.

A Project Planning Tool

The marketing team at Airbnb has any number of large and small projects running within and between business quarters. The teams often tracked projects through data spreadsheets and antiquated systems that caused fatigue and strain on the workflow. We designed and prototyped a tool for use by every member of the marketing team to search, view, track and edit any project information at any time. The tool was created for quick view- on the go use, since the majority of the team members were often between desks and meetings.

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