Oculus Companion App

I lead a team who partnered with the Oculus mobile app team to create a robust, personalized hub for headset owners. With hardware at the foundation of the experience, we designed the mobile app as a surface for discovery and social connection—digital and within a physical household. From personalized recommendations to remote VR casting and tours, the new companion app creates more connection between people, hardware and experiences.


Product Design
UX Design
Information Architecture

A companion app that enriches experiences for users inside and outside the headset.

A new, personalized device hub that elevates recommendations, news and social connection.

A clear and simplified shopping destination that enables immersive browsing & quick push downloads.

A social home driving communal connections and co-pilot experiences.

All with the user’s device as the backbone of the Companion App.

Designed with an inuitive interactive model in support of the platform, content & experience.

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